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Master your sales transformation.

We master the digital transformation of your sales - whether it's CRM implementation, training, or digitized prospecting. We know what it takes to be a B2B champion and we are experts in digital.

We make sales the heart of your business. We automate with the future in mind. Your processes, in CRM and beyond. We drive adoption of new technologies and empower your people. With our passion for efficiency, innovation, and automation, you can optimize your sales, personalize your marketing, and stop thinking in silos.


Sales meets digital

Whether it's market development, new customers, closing rates or headline figures - we speak sales. We translate it into the digital world and identify the potential for you.


Savings through automations

Our concepts and solutions automate your processes, increase the number of hits and reduce your relative sales costs. Master cost pressures and skills shortages.


Data & Analytics

Our heart beats for performance. We develop KPI frameworks, implement BI systems and identify potential based on data.


Marketing + Sales

We support the integration of marketing and sales activities. In this way, we enable customized and effective customer communication. From campaign to purchase.


Acquire new customers

We understand the specific needs of B2B SMBs and connect them with modern customer acquisition tools. From ICP to multi-stage cadences. We are experts at outbound automation.


IT Experts

We are Salesforce and Hubspot partners. Our implementation teams ensure the smooth introduction of new systems and tools into your sales and IT organization.

Successful projects in distribution & sales

Expert Coffee

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Contact us with questions and visions in the area of CRM and sales. Let's take the first step towards your digital future together.

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We support you with your existing plans in Sales and accompany you during implementation.

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