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Digitize existing processes and make new business models successful quickly.

Digitize or modernize your existing customer processes with Spryker. You want to start your own marketplace and expand the existing business model? Whether B2C or B2B - Spryker improves your multi-level distribution & sales processes with state-of-the-art systems and a modular, flexible architecture.



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Spryker certified employees

We are an official Spryker Solution Partner in Germany and Austria.

Since 2018, we have been relying on Spryker to develop future-proof commerce platforms. With five specialized development teams and more than 20 Spryker-certified employees, we have already completed more than twelve Spryker projects. In addition, as a Spryker Solution Partner, we have been recognized as "Best Partner" in 2021 and 2022, as well as with the "Growth Award".

Our way of working is characterized by our technological experience and industry expertise. As your digital partner, we support you from strategy and design to development, integration and managed services.

We think end-to-end and our interdisciplinary team ensures a successful customer experience and improved business performance.

Customized Spryker consulting for your business case

We know the use cases and edge cases of the hidden champions. We offer comprehensive business process, technology, data, and organizational consulting services to jointly identify your company's unique business and IT requirements.

As a commerce operating system, Spryker provides a customizable and robust foundation for numerous e-commerce use cases, such as digital sales of complex products and configurations, digital self-service platforms, customer information systems and customer portals, order management and order platforms, replatforming projects, and marketplaces.

Our Spryker Consulting Services:

  • Digital Consulting: Management consulting to identify digital growth and efficiency opportunities

  • Commerce Readiness: IT landscape assessment and feasibility studies

  • Requirements Elicitation and Validation: Development of technical and process requirements for Spryker and third-party systems.

  • Expert advice on complex product sales and configurations.

  • And many more

Architecture and Process Implementation with Spryker

TOWA specializes in developing advanced architecture and process solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing IT systems. Spryker's composable commerce approach provides the ideal foundation for using best-of-breed systems in combination with your company's existing IT backbone. Spryker's microservice architecture with more than 700 modules guarantees the highest possible degree of individuality.

We are very familiar with the IT landscape of German and Austrian industrial companies and use Spryker to develop customized software and solution concepts that are specifically tailored to your company's requirements.

Our team of experts works closely with you to model and optimize business processes in the areas of marketing, sales and service. By integrating Spryker, we create a scalable and robust foundation for your e-commerce activities. Our solutions are designed to support the digital transformation of your business and ensure a smooth transition to modern, digital business practices.

Engineering and Quality Assurance

Our Spryker teams are committed to technical excellence and reliability. We use an agile and iterative development process that takes into account your specific business needs and goals by working as closely as possible with your team.

Our quality assurance processes are rigorous and comprehensive to ensure the highest standards of software quality. We achieve this through the use of advanced QA methodologies and automated testing procedures that ensure reliable and bug-free functionality of your e-commerce platform. In addition, we emphasize thorough code reviews and peer reviews to ensure optimal code quality and performance.

Using the Spryker PaaS solution, we move your digital business to the cloud and ensure secure, robust and scalable deployment processes.

Seamless integration of your IT systems with the Spryker platform

At TOWA, we understand that the integration of disparate systems is a critical factor in the success of an e-commerce platform. We specialize in developing custom interfaces that allow Spryker to seamlessly integrate with your existing system landscape. Whether it's ERP systems, Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or other key business applications, our team will ensure that all systems communicate effectively with each other.

This integration not only improves the efficiency of your business processes, but also enables fast and secure data integration from disparate sources. We also provide clean e-commerce tracking for various platforms such as Google Analytics, Matomo or Adobe Analytics, as well as seamless data transfer for management reporting.

We help you optimize your product data

The management and optimization of product information is essential for the success of e-commerce. TOWA offers expertise in consulting, planning, designing and implementing PIM systems that are specifically tailored to your needs. We can help you implement a PIM system that enables efficient management, maintenance and distribution of your product information to make your business e-commerce ready.

Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing e-commerce platform to improve data consistency and quality. In addition, we can help you optimize and efficiently manage your product information.

UI/UX Design for Intuitive E-commerce Experiences

UI/UX design plays a critical role in creating successful e-commerce platforms. Our UX experts are always involved in the conception, acceptance and quality assurance processes of the project to ensure that the technical development is always in line with the needs of the market and end users.

At TOWA, we focus on developing user interfaces and functionalities that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and intuitive. We understand that every detail counts when it comes to creating a seamless customer experience.

Our team of digital design experts places great emphasis on creating modern and user-friendly interfaces and features that increase user engagement and customer satisfaction. Through regular user testing and feedback, we ensure that our design solutions are continually improved and adapted to meet user needs.

Spryker Projects we are proud of

Selected customers & references from Germany and Austria that we support as a Spryker Solution Partner

Our technology partnerships, which we have already implemented in numerous Spryker projects.

Über Spryker: Der führende Anbieter für Digital Commerce

About Spryker: The Leader in Digital Commerce

Spryker is recognized by numerous analysts as the leading composable commerce platform for sophisticated B2B commerce solutions. Spryker has been recognized by Gartner® as a Visionary in the 2023 Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce and as a Leader in Composable Commerce in Gartner®'s 2022 Digital Commerce Platforms report.

Cloud-native and API-first, Spryker is well-equipped to meet current and future business needs and processes. An investment in Spryker is therefore future-proof and provides the critical technology differentiator for a company's digital journey.

Scalability and flexibility

Spryker offers a highly modular (over 700 modules) and customizable platform, ideal for companies that want to grow with the demands of the market. The scalable architecture guarantees maximum flexibility to keep pace with increasing customer demands and market changes. This allows you to dynamically adapt and expand your business strategies without being restricted by the technology.

This flexibility is particularly valuable in rapidly changing markets, as it enables companies to react proactively to changes and implement new business models quickly.

Meistern Sie die neuen Ansprüche an Customer Experience

Master the new customer experience demands

Personalization, self-service portals, always-on customer support - users are demanding B2C experiences even in B2B environments, often through digital integrations. The user-centric perspective of the Spryker platform helps companies deliver a seamless and engaging experience to their customers, regardless of channel.

  • Headless Architecture: A headless architecture allows the backend of a platform to communicate with any frontend, enabling integrations with a variety of touchpoints.

  • Spryker GLUE API: The Spryker GLUE API connects the backend of your platform to the various touchpoints and frontends.

  • Decoupled Front and Back Ends: Autonomous front and back ends allow you to tailor your solution to your unique business needs. Front-ends can scale and evolve independently of your platform's data layer.

Technology & Infrastructure

Spryker's cloud-based, headless and composable platform provides ideal solutions for complex business models. Spryker enables companies to extend their offerings through partnerships with leading software vendors. The technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with various systems and applications, providing a high level of flexibility and customization. This includes

  • Product Management: Spryker Product Management includes all the functionality needed to build your product catalog, such as product management, packaging & units of measure, product relationships, and catalog management.

  • Order Management System: Spryker's powerful order management system gives you complete control over order fulfillment in your store and provides a powerful state machine.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): All end customer relationships can be centrally managed in Spryker. Spryker enables internal workflows and processes while increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction with CRM tools and marketing automation.

Stay ahead of the competition with faster time to value

Spryker delivers exceptional time-to-value through rapid implementation and agile development processes.

The ability to respond quickly to market changes and deliver new solutions quickly is critical for companies that want to survive in a dynamic market environment. Spryker enables companies to effectively execute their digital strategies and quickly capitalize on their technology investments.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Spryker Cloud CommerceOS as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution provides a cost-effective way to modernize digital commerce infrastructure. The platform minimizes total cost of ownership by providing a scalable, low-maintenance, high-performance solution.

Your business benefits from reduced costs for developing, deploying, and operating e-commerce technology. By leveraging cloud technologies and a modular architecture, you can make more efficient use of your resources and significantly reduce your total cost of ownership.

Spryker B2B Use Cases

The most common commerce use cases we see in the German and Austrian B2B market and how Spryker can help you solve them.


Sell complex products and configurations

Spryker enables you to respond to the increasing demand for personalized products with different configuration models such as component, rule, parametric, bundle and hierarchical configurations. Lengthy sales processes and customer frustration are eliminated with Spryker.



Spryker provides a seamless transition solution for organizations looking to re-platform to increase flexibility and scalability while reducing total cost of ownership. With Spryker, organizations can solve their legacy challenges and support new digital business models.


Digital Self Service & Customer Portals

Spryker enables digital self-service platforms that manage the after-sales process and consolidate all information and services for the customer. Address your customers' lack of information and personalization by providing centralized customer access.


Order Management

Automating order processes with Spryker can significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency. Companies face challenges such as human error and unnecessary complexity in manual processes that Spryker addresses.


Web shops with standard product range

Spryker enables orders to be processed at any touchpoint and from any device. The platform is scalable and can handle a wide range of orders and SKUs.


B2B Marketplaces

Extend your existing platform into a marketplace with Spryker or build your scalable marketplace solution from the ground up. Spryker enables you to expand your e-commerce business with complementary third-party products and services.

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