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Ready to leave a digital footprint? Ready to grow beyond yourself? Ready for something new? We are ready!

For us, it's more than just a job - we live digitalization. We are driven by the desire to leave a sustainable footprint in a rapidly changing digital world. As an internationally award-winning digital agency, we work remotely from Bregenz, Vienna and Hamburg, as well as from across the EU, on the full range of digital products: from creative campaigns, web and software development to machine learning and artificial intelligence. We dare to challenge existing concepts and our goal is to evolve. It doesn't matter if you're a junior or a CEO: every individual contributes to our success. Because we believe that good ideas do not depend on the title.

Differences unite us!

We give you the opportunity to grow, and not just professionally. We are a team of creative people, dynamic innovators and digital natives. A relaxed working environment, individual work design and real responsibility - if you accept it - motivate us every day. And yes, you are allowed to fail. Success doesn't just happen.

Want to learn more? No problem, you actively shape and support your learning curve. We believe that the key to success is not only to think outside the box, but also to climb over it and actively pursue new ideas and perspectives.

Of course, we are resilient and know when to focus and prioritize. However, we never lose the joy and fun of our work and know when to switch off. A round of Mario Kart after work? A coffee on the couch? That's success too, because only a happy team can deliver the best performance.

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Our application process is different.

And that's a good thing! We don't just dig deep on a professional level. We make a conscious effort to select talents that match our energy. We want to get to know YOU and your vibe. In the same way, YOU should get to know US. This is the only way both sides can make an informed decision and actively choose to work together. That's why we have a three-step application process:

  • 1. Internal Screening Process

    We take a close look at the preliminary decision, whether it's your resume or your expertise. The more detailed the documents you provide, the faster the process. Whether it is salary requirements, notice period or possible start date, or whether you have or need an EU work permit (if you are from abroad) - all this is relevant for a quick processing.

  • 2. Personal Interview

    This is where we want to learn more about your skills, experience and why you want to join us. Both sides should get a first impression of whether we are a good match.

  • 3. Meet the Company (Chemistry Day)

    In the final step, our "Chemistry Day," you will spend a day at one of our office locations. There you will get to know our cool premises and our great team members. We show you our work and our projects. You show us your approach in the context of a small task. Over lunch with the team, over coffee with your potential boss, you will get to know our vibe, immerse yourself in our culture and get a comprehensive impression of TOWA.

🌟 Benefits? Yes please!


Open Vacation Policy

As much vacation as you need. Without a cap, but with responsibility.


Premium Hardware

We will provide you with a laptop of your choice and a smartphone, which you can also use privately (there is a subsidy for exceptional requests).


Remote Working

Want to extend your stay in a vacation destination and work from there? No problem, we support you! We organize workations from time to time - be there if you want to.


Health Support

Health comes first. We support you with a variety of mindfulness and relaxation offerings, sports events like running and paddle tennis, and healthy snacks. There's even a job bike!



Regular breakfasts, business runs, summer parties or skiing and paddle tennis together? Team spirit is at the top of our list!


Flexible Working Hours

Want to reduce or increase your hours temporarily or permanently? We can accommodate you, because even part-time management is possible with us!


Modern work environment

Lake view office or cool loft? Our unique offices offer space for interaction, innovation, productivity and relaxation.


Training Budget

We give you a four-figure training budget. Use it for workshops, coaching, training and development. You can even attend trade shows!



We have clear goals - do you? We reward you for your personal and business success!

Ready for your Personal Take Off?

There are many ways to join us. What they all have in common is that full-time and part-time opportunities are available at every level (yes, part-time management is also possible). We also offer flexible work schedules for (expecting) parents. Want to take some time off and reduce your hours? No problem. In the interest of the team and according to our possibilities, we try to adapt to your circumstances as best we can!

  • 🤓

    Trainee & Internship

    Making coffee or operating a printer? Not with us! Here, you'll be in the thick of things from day one. You will work as a full member of the team, side by side with juniors and seniors, learning the procedures and processes while getting the support you need and learning something new every day.

  • 💪


    Junior As a junior, you will support your team in initial customer projects and create proposals. You will increasingly take responsibility for smaller areas and actively contribute to the design process. We support and encourage constant learning. You want to further your education or bring in your first own ideas? Go for it! Your team appreciates motivated working methods and people who think for themselves!

  • 🚀


    As an Intermediate, you will take care of your first clients and everything that comes with it. From now on, you will always be on top of time, budget and quality. You will be responsible for delegating tasks to Juniors and will be the point of contact for other team members and the client.

  • 🦁


    As a Senior, you will have expanded project and technical responsibilities. You will confidently lead sub-projects in your own team and have an overview of workstreams, project quality, execution and ideas. You will support the project vision, solve complex problems and actively present at pitches. You will also share your knowledge through workshops. As a safe pair of hands, you will be responsible for the final output.


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Personal & Professional Development!

Personal and professional development is important to us, and we are happy to support your progress within the team. But we also welcome career changers. We offer a variety of training opportunities, not just general topics such as stress management, leadership workshops or legal issues. Each employee has an annual training budget that can be used in consultation with the team leader. On top of that, there's a bonus at the end of the year if you meet your personal goals. Sounds too good to be true? Here is a small sample of the careers of some of our team members:

From Music to Recruitment

In just a few months, Amanda has gone from a musicology student to a talent acquisition expert, thanks to her initiative, motivation and organizational skills. She is the driving force behind our recruiting processes and a valued resource for all our colleagues in the Vienna office.

From Intern to Partner

Tanja started as a design intern in 2014. Today, she is a partner at TOWA and leads a team of more than 15 people. She has been there from the beginning and has actively shaped TOWA's development.

Social Media Pro before 20:

TOWA on TikTok? Unthinkable a year ago. Leonie convinced us and suggested we take advantage of the platform's potential. To cut a long story short, at the age of 19 she took over the responsibility for the platform and content at TOWA. She also convinces customers and we have already implemented some successful TikTok projects. See for yourself and check out our TikTok channel!

From Internship to Junior Position

We don't want to let some of our interns go. As a result, we have hired some of them after their internship. One of them is Faye, who wrote a blog post about her experience. Lena, Marian and Johannes are also started with an internship and are still working with us today.


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