CRM implementation

Optimise your customer relationship

Turn customer data into real insights with our customised CRM solutions

Our specialised CRM implementation services support your company with customer data management. This enables you to increase the effectiveness of sales, service and marketing processes.


Breaking down data silos - 360° view of your customers

With our CRM implementation, we combine customer data from various sources and provide you with a holistic view of your customers. holistic view of your customers. Increase customer loyalty, personalise interactions and optimise sales, marketing and service.


Enabling data-based decisions

Utilise your data optimally: A CRM system enables meaningful insights from collected data. Make well-founded decisions, optimise business strategies and remain competitive. Do you want to recognise opportunities and master challenges? We give you the tools to do so.


Seamless integration into existing IT landscape

We know that every company already has an intact IT landscape. We ensure that this is seamlessly connected to the CRM system, thinking in terms of end-to-end processes and implementing best practices across all systems.

Maximise the value of your customer data

Without effective CRM implementation, you risk losing customer data and having difficulty tracking customer interactions. Our solutions ensure that all important information is fully stored and available to all users at the right time.

This means that knowledge that was often only stored in the heads and notebooks of long-standing employees can be made available to your entire organisation. This happens not only in individual areas, but throughout the entire company. Sales, service and marketing employees across all departments become an indispensable tool for improving the customer experience.

Our CRM implementation for your success

In a digitalised world, customer relationships make all the difference. That's why an efficient CRM implementation is essential. Our experienced team of experts is on hand to understand your individual requirements and develop a customised solution for your company.

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We support you with the implementation of your CRM system


Requirements analysis

We identify your specific CRM needs and develop a customised roadmap.


CRM selection

Together we select the most suitable CRM system based on your requirements.



We implement the jointly defined requirements and migrate the existing data to the new CRM system.


Personalisation & automation

Use the functions of the CRM system to enable personalised customer communication and efficient process automation.


Employee training

We conduct customised training courses with different employee groups to prepare your employees for effective use of the new CRM system.



We ensure the continuous improvement and maintenance of the CRM system to guarantee maximum efficiency and reliability.

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