CRM Rollout Management & Training

Utilise the potential of your CRM system

The path to an optimised customer process begins with a successfully implemented CRM.

The success of a CRM implementation does not only depend on the technology. The challenge often lies in the acceptance and empowerment of employees. That is why it is much more than just an IT project. Effective change management, supported by targeted employee training, is essential. See the CRM implementation as an opportunity to improve the skills of your team and thereby bring about positive change.

Customise your CRM system to suit individual requirements.

We help you with the customisation and roll-out of your CRM system to meet regional or user-specific requirements. We make sure that the central processes are adhered to and that they can be customised through configuration, automation, user interfaces and integrations.

Building on this, we conduct local training courses and workshops together with you to ensure optimal utilisation and improved customer relationships through continuous adjustments.

Utilise the full potential of your CRM system

Following a CRM implementation, we help you to realise the full potential of your system. Your CRM only has a chance of success once the sales team has been accepted and empowered. To achieve this, we work with you to identify potential, uncover opportunities for improvement and feed them back into the implementation process in a structured manner. We also provide support with training and education during the roll-out.

In this way, we continuously increase acceptance and take employees with us into the digital future.

Tailor-made training & education programmes

After implementation, the actual transformation begins, because in order to realise the potential of Salesforce, Hubspot and the like, your employees need to master the tools and use them on a daily basis.

We develop a customised training concept for you based on the existing implementation and train your sales, marketing and service employees along your tool landscape.

CRM Programme Management & Interim Roles

Whether you are planning a major CRM roll-out including a transformation programme or your project management has failed at short notice - we support you with interim roles and PMO expertise in the successful implementation of your sales and marketing transformation.

We help you to optimise the use of your CRM system


Local rollout

Workshops and training sessions to customise the CRM system to regional requirements and to train employees.


Employee training

Support in training employees to get the most out of your CRM implementation.


Development of incentive systems

We help you to motivate employees to maintain your CRM system and emphasise the benefits.


Improving data quality

Support in analysing data quality and taking measures to improve it.


Anchoring in the operating model

We bridge the gap between business and IT and help to combine the potential of your platform with your core business.



Provision of support and advice after the CRM rollout to ensure continued effective use.

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