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Master the transformation to the future.

We help you with your digital transformation. From strategy development and customer experience to process optimization and change management. With methods, tools and technologies. With a mix of strategic advice and pragmatic implementation.

We are architects of digital transformation for leading B2B Hidden Champions. Every day, we implement effective, forward-looking transformations, organizational changes and process improvements. Our passion for the future and collaboration enables effective change management and a new way of doing business.


Domain experts

With years of experience in the B2B SME sector, we know how your business and markets work. We understand you and translate you into the digital world. A symbiosis of the past and the future.


Goal and customer oriented

We help you define precise, customer-focused goals and strategies that will make your company and your field successful in the long term - without gimmicks and with a lot of pragmatism.


Thinkers & Doers

We develop concepts and implement our ideas - which is why we bring together transformation experts and technical experts at the earliest possible stage to develop interdisciplinary solutions.


Business + Marketing + Technology

We bring the secret sauce of digital champions to B2B SMEs and combine it with the excellence of years of tradition. The result: true digital business.


IT & Technology Expertise

We are experts in Spryker, Salesforce, Storyblok, Azure and more. We have implemented these technologies at numerous companies and are absolute experts in the field.


Change Management

Despite our love for marketing and technology, we know that it all comes down to successful change management. That's why change agents are part of our team from day one!

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