Agile & DevOps Transformation

State of the Art Software & Digital Product Development

We support you with modern methods and technologies in the efficient and effective development of new digital platforms, products and services. We support both the introduction of technologies and the enablement of the organization to master the digital transformation.

Innovation begins with the seamless integration of technology and corporate culture. Agility and DevOps are key components to embrace change, achieve technological excellence, increase efficiency, raise quality standards and open new perspectives for your organization. At TOWA, we combine agility and DevOps to transform your company technologically and organizationally and position it for the challenges of the future.


Customized transformation strategies

We create individual strategies that take your specific goals, challenges and potential into account. This makes your transformation targeted and effective - tailored to your needs.


Efficient integration of agility and DevOps

Our experts will guide you through the entire integration process from agility and DevOps to technological excellence. We support you in breaking down silos, establishing efficient processes and optimizing your technology landscape.


Technological innovation as a competitive advantage

Our Agile & DevOps transformation goes beyond mere process optimization. With state-of-the-art technology and proven best practices, we accelerate the development of innovative products and their market launch - for decisive competitive advantages.

Strategic implementation of Agile & DevOps

In today's dynamic business world, the introduction of Agile & DevOps is crucial to achieving technological excellence. Our experts will guide you through this change and support you in making your organization more agile and faster.

We analyze your existing processes, identify adaptation options and implement tailor-made Agile & DevOps strategies. This not only allows you to iterate faster and react flexibly to market fluctuations, but also to use the speed of development as your unique selling point in the digital age.

Continuous innovation & technology optimization for your competitive advantage

Our support does not end with implementation. We are your partner on the path to continuous innovation and technological optimization. We embed proven best practices, promote continuous improvement and use modern technologies to secure your competitive advantage.

With a special focus on DevOps, we optimize your existing technology landscape. Our experts enable the seamless integration of state-of-the-art technologies to increase efficiency, accelerate innovation processes and achieve sustainable competitive advantages.

Efficient operating model & operations consulting for your sustainable success

The right design of the operating model is crucial for the success of the company. It ensures that your business processes run smoothly and efficiently and helps you to achieve your strategic goals. We offer you tailor-made solutions for process optimization and achieving strategic goals.

Our experts analyze and optimize your processes, develop innovative operating models and support you with strategic consulting and individual solutions for their implementation and transformation. With extensive industry experience and proven know-how, we enable you to maximize your operational efficiency, increase competitiveness and exploit the full potential of your business model.

Culture of change and collaboration through skills enhancement and effective tools

In today's technology environment, the right tools and training are crucial for performance and expertise. Our experts not only support you in the selection of suitable measures, but also accompany you during implementation.

Through individualized recommendations and targeted training in the areas of agile, cloud, UI/UX and automation, we promote a culture of change and cooperation in your company. With TOWA, we support you in strengthening your team and successfully shaping change together.

We offer individual training in the following areas

Our experts ensure optimal tool usage and process optimization, tailored to your needs. With our experience, we are your partner to fully exploit the potential of technology and maximize the performance of your teams.

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    Agile & Collaboration

    Introduction or optimization of agile methodologies with simultaneous use and integration of tools such as JIRA and Confluence and their support for process automation for efficient project management and agile collaboration.

  • ☁️

    Cloud & DevOps

    Utilize various services such as Azure, AWS and others to build and manage cloud infrastructures and implement effective DevOps practices.

  • 🖌️

    UI/UX & Design

    Creation of mockups, prototypes and designs using tools such as Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD to ensure an optimal user experience and appealing design.

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    Automation & Development Workflow Improvements

    Automation of processes such as testing and improvement of the development workflow with various tools to increase efficiency and quality.

🚀 We accompany you along your transformation path

From the analysis of your current structures to the successful implementation of agile practices and DevOps methods, we are at your side as a competent partner.



Our starting point is a comprehensive analysis of your current situation. We take a close look at your existing processes, technologies and team dynamics in order to create a clear starting point and develop targeted strategies.


Strategy development & roadmap

Based on the results of the assessment, we develop a customized Agile & DevOps strategy. We define clear goals, milestones and metrics to monitor progress and pave the way to excellence.


Implementation & Integration

We accompany you step by step in the implementation of Agile & DevOps. We help with the redesign of processes, the selection of suitable tools and the integration of new ways of working to promote best practices.


Consulting & technology recommendation

Our experts offer comprehensive advice when it comes to selecting and integrating suitable technologies. We help you to find the right technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into your IT landscape.


Continuous monitoring

We rely on continuous performance measurement to track the progress of your transformation. We use data and metrics to optimize our strategy and promote continuous development in order to achieve your goals even more efficiently.


Coaching & concept development

Our offer includes individual coaching to train your teams in the methods of Agile & DevOps. Active training and continuous support support the sustainable integration of proven best practices.

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