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We can help you with all aspects of data and analytics. From data migration and integration to business intelligence and reporting. We build data lakes and data warehouses. We implement analytical tools and find insights.

Most companies are searching for the treasure trove of data. Because it is the key to precise marketing, effective customer loyalty and optimized business decisions. We combine our in-depth expertise in data integration, data migration, business intelligence and web analytics. We help you to integrate your data efficiently, migrate it securely and analyze it precisely to give you a real competitive advantage.


100+ experts

Our Data & Analytics experts work across business and IT disciplines to solve data challenges.


Insights instead of information

Being able to measure everything does not mean having to measure everything. We work with you to develop actionable KPI frameworks and gain insights from your data.


Modern architectures

We stay abreast of the latest developments and technologies to provide our clients with the most advanced and efficient tools.


Marketing & Sales Analytics

Analytics and tracking provide deep insight into your customers' behavior. This data makes it easier to adjust strategies and optimize experiences.


Data Management

We help you manage your customer data, build segments and data models, and efficiently use your data to make decisions.


GDPR & Security

With GDPR and consent management, we ensure not only the protection of personal data, but also compliance with consent management, thus minimizing legal risks.

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