Business Intelligence & Reporting

Gaining a competitive advantage with better insights

Use the possibilities of data analysis and visualization to optimize your business decisions.

In a digitally connected business world, Business Intelligence & Reporting offer valuable insights. We assist you in making these data visible, understandable, and actionable.


Individual solutions

We customize our BI solutions to fit your specific business needs.


Comprehensive industry knowledge

With us, you'll find expertise in the B2B environment, coupled with technological know-how.


End to End

We create a connection between strategic consulting and technical implementation.

Bring order to the data chaos

Success in Business Intelligence starts with a solid conceptual foundation. We provide consultation and design strategies that seamlessly align with your business requirements and goals.

  • Needs analysis and goal definition

  • Development of BI strategies & data models

  • Optimization of data sources

Reduce your costs

Create custom reports

With our technical expertise, we seamlessly implement BI tools like PowerBI and Tableau into your digital business environment. Our solutions are reliable, scalable, and future-proof.

  • Implementation of BI tools

  • System integration and automation

  • Security and performance optimization

Develop your BI knowledge further

It's not only important what data you have but also how you interpret it. A well-trained team can not only interpret data but also derive valuable business decisions from it.

  • Technical workshops on Business Intelligence

  • Ongoing training and education.

We accompany you on the path to the digital future.

Our services in the field of Business Intelligence & Reporting.


Integration consulting

Collaborative integration of BI into your existing digital business strategy.


BI implementation

Seamless technical integration of BI frameworks.


Marketing KPI analysis

Transforming data into actionable marketing insights.


Automated reporting

Timely, accurate, and automated reports for efficient decision-making.


Cloud BI solutions

Secure, scalable and flexible BI solutions in the cloud.


Training & workshops

Knowledge transfer to get your team up to date.

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