Generative AI

We bring your company into the AI era

Optimize your business processes with AI-driven expertise.

By utilizing AI models and working closely with your company's team, we develop and implement solutions aimed at enhancing the efficiency of your business processes, optimizing decision-making, and improving your work outcomes. In doing so, we rely on established technology partners like OpenAI, Midjourney, and Adobe Firefly.


End to End Service

From idea generation to implementation, we offer everything from a single source.


Individual AI strategy consulting

We start with you at the current status quo of your AI know-how.


Pragmatic meets professional service

We implement feasible solutions.

Identify the right use case for your company

The right AI strategy can deliver transformative results. TOWA develops concepts that directly target your business objectives and achieve measurable results.

  • Automated customer support & chat bots

  • Personalized e-commerce experiences

  • Designing and creating content

  • Image and video generation

  • Internal process automation

  • And much more

Cutting-edge AI Technology Integration

Our expert team uses advanced AI frameworks to provide technological solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

  • Use of advanced AI frameworks

  • Scalable and customizable AI solutions

  • Focus on security and data protection

AI-driven image and video creation

From software applications to marketing campaigns, we offer content that is enriched by AI and tailored to your specific requirements.

  • AI-based content creation in text, image and video

  • Personalized marketing campaigns

  • Content creation for websites, e-commerce and marketing campaigns.

Train your organization

Get your team ready for the use of AI. TOWA offers specialized training to strengthen organizations in dealing with AI-driven solutions and to drive technology change.

  • Individual AI workshops, tailored to your business model.

  • Practice-oriented learning modules for direct application in internal projects.

  • Expert coaching: direct support from our AI experts to solve specific challenges.

We accompany you on the journey to the future with AI

Our services in the AI sector


Strategic consulting

Identification of the specific requirements and challenges for your business environment.


Employee training

Provision of training for your employees for more empowerment of your team through AI knowledge.


Content development

Development of texts, images and videos and much more.


E-commerce optimization

Expand your shop with AI functionalities.


Marketing Automation

AI-guided campaigns that deliver results.


Data Security.

Ensuring AI transparency and data protection.

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