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Traditional B2B marketing ensures an abundance of content in the digital world. If you want to stay in focus, you need to offer relevant and personalised content at all times. Individualised information must be provided in real time in response to an enquiry.

With the focus on customer orientation and increasing marketing performance, a holistic overview of potential customers is of central importance. The "watering can principle" no longer delivers the expected results. Manual processes prevent a comprehensive customer history and make efficient collaboration more difficult. A fully-fledged marketing tool enables the identification and prioritisation of valuable and relevant customers for increased marketing performance.

The Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) starter packages support the following core topics of marketing automation:

1. all customer data and activities are managed in a centralised system. The marketing information is enriched with data from sales and made available to them. Activities on the company's own websites and landing pages are clearly visualised.

2. this central data collection enables the sending of personalised emails, the segmentation of potential customers into precise target groups and the creation of automated email customer journeys. These customer journeys enable personalised emails to be sent at the right time and relevant marketing content to be provided along the entire customer lifecycle.

3. thanks to the centralised view of all relevant data, the qualification of potential customers is automated and marketing resources are deployed in a targeted and efficient manner. Valuable prospects are graded on the basis of predefined criteria and their value to the company is determined. By analysing activities, the prospect's interest is evaluated and signals are identified that point to the conclusion of a purchase.

3 arguments in favour of a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) starter package from TOWA:

1. complete scope of services for independent use in the company with an immediate start to marketing automation.

2. holistic view of the customer journey from lead generation and marketing automation to sales and customer retention.

3. a customised project without much risk with the option of upgrades depending on requirements.

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