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As a Shopify partner, we support B2B and industrial companies as well as B2C brands in building their e-commerce business.

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As one of the leading Shopify Plus partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we specialize in helping industrial and B2B companies build their e-commerce businesses and create digital value.

Our agency works closely with you to develop successful digital projects - from the creation of sophisticated e-commerce platforms to integrated B2B online stores and customized Shopify solutions. With our extensive e-commerce experience, we guide our clients through the entire digitization process, developing digital strategies and creating compelling commerce experiences. Join us and Shopify Plus to explore new digital opportunities and drive your digital transformation.



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We are a Shopify Partner

TOWA is your Shopify agency in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With our solution-oriented and pragmatic approach, we support you in setting up your shop or optimizing your existing platform.

What sets us apart as Shopify experts:

  • Our years of experience solving complex e-commerce problems

  • Our user-centric mindset

  • Our understanding of the B2B business model

  • Our attention to detail and a team that understands and implements your business processes end-to-end.

E-commerce consulting: the first step to a successful store project

Our consulting team analyzes your IT landscape and e-commerce processes and works with your team to create a vision for your digital business.

Depending on your business case (e.g. wholesale platform, order portal, standard product store, aftermarket, customer information portal, etc.), we develop a detailed analysis of your current systems, identify potential for improvement in your interface management, product data management, commerce processes, and customer experience.

Our goal is a harmonized IT landscape that enables seamless integration between ERP, CRM, and PIM systems to centralize data flow and increase process efficiency. In this way, we ensure that the potential and benefits of Shopify Plus can be realized for your business.

Our consulting services focus on both short-term success and long-term strategic positioning in e-commerce and a solid and efficient IT and process infrastructure.

Customised implementation

As a Shopify partner agency, we specialise in the technical implementation and programming of Shopify systems.

The B2B Suite from Shopify Plus offers a wide range of configurable B2B functionalities, as well as the option of implementing highly customised processes and business logic. The Shopify App Store provides additional extensions, features and connectors for implementation and customisation. We always use the possibilities of the open Shopify Plus platform to programme customised solutions.

To guarantee the code quality and robustness of your platform, we rely on comprehensive QA workflows and automated test procedures. These quality assurance processes ensure error-free functionality in all environments and for all deployments. In addition, the collaboration with Shopify's solution engineers offers additional opportunities in the development and quality assurance of your platform.

More flexibility and more performance with Shopify Hydrogen & Oxygen

With the Shopify services "Hydrogen" and "Oxygen", we open up additional opportunities for you to customise and increase the performance of your e-commerce business.

Hydrogen and Oxygen are designed to provide companies with a platform that uses the principles of headless commerce and MACH (microservices, API-first, cloud-native, headless) to create customised and high-performance online experiences.

With a strong focus on MACH architecture, we design your e-commerce solutions to be modular, flexible and scalable. The use of microservices makes it possible to develop and update individual functions independently of each other, which shortens time-to-market and simplifies maintenance. You also benefit from improved loading speed and website performance, which has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

By using headless commerce technologies, we separate the front end (the user interface) from the back end (the data processing and logic), which allows for greater flexibility in the design of your customer experience.

Successful migration of your shop to Shopify Plus

For B2B companies planning to migrate their e-commerce platform to Shopify Plus, we offer a comprehensive service to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible. Our expertise in migration includes not only the transfer of product data and customer information, but also the careful integration and customisation of your existing business logic and processes into the new environment.

We place particular emphasis on minimising downtime and ensuring that your business operations can continue uninterrupted during the transition. By migrating to Shopify Plus, you benefit from a robust, scalable platform. Shopify offers integrations for the world's most common commerce systems, easily covering the shop landscape of the German and Austrian markets.

PIM & MDM: We help you organise your product data

The efficient management of product data is a key pillar for success in e-commerce. That's why, in addition to our expertise in Shopify Plus, we also offer specialised services for Product Information Management (PIM) systems and Master Data Management (MDM).

These PIM solutions are essential for companies that want to manage and optimise their product data centrally and integrate it seamlessly into their shop. Our extensive experience in the implementation of PIM systems enables us to efficiently organise and manage complex product data structures. This leads to a significant improvement in data quality and consistency across all sales channels.

By integrating these PIM systems, we can create a smooth, efficient and scalable e-commerce ecosystem that optimises product presentation and improves the user experience.

Focus on the user experience: optimise your e-commerce experience

An intuitive and well thought-out UI/UX strategy and an appealing screen design play a decisive role in convincing your customers of your products and services. As a digital agency, we offer customised services in the areas of UI/UX strategy, screen design and customer experience management.

As a Shopify agency, we develop unique, intuitive and visually appealing screen designs that not only showcase your brand perfectly, but also provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

By working closely with you, we develop a UI/UX strategy that takes into account the specifics of your business model and the needs of your target audience. Our expertise in screen design and customer experience management ensures that every touchpoint with your customers is carefully considered and optimised to increase conversion rates and promote customer loyalty.

Shopify projects we have done in the past

We have supported D2C brands and manufacturers with their entry into e-commerce.

Shopify Plus B2B Use Cases

The most common commerce use cases we see as an agency in the German and Austrian B2B market and how Shopify Plus can help you solve them.


Order Portals

Businesses can automate the ordering process through integrations with ERP systems, processing orders in real time and increasing efficiency. For example, Shopify Plus enables custom pricing, order processes, and catalogs.


After Market

Shopify Plus can be used to manage complex catalogs of parts and accessories, including support for custom search functions and filters to make it easier to find products.


Customer Information Systems

Shopify Plus offers integrations that allow businesses to create detailed customer profiles based on their ERP and CRM data, analyze purchase history, and conduct personalized marketing campaigns.


Standard Product Stores

Shopify Plus is ideal for scaling standard product stores, with support for high traffic and large product catalogs. The platform allows businesses to sell their products across multiple channels, including online marketplaces, social media, and physical locations.


Web shops with standard product range

Shopify Plus can efficiently manage large product catalogs with thousands of SKUs. It supports complex pricing structures, including custom pricing, volume discounts, and exclusive offers for specific customer groups.



Businesses looking to expand into international markets will benefit from Shopify Plus' multi-currency and multi-language capabilities. The platform supports local marketing, pricing in different currencies, and localized shopping experiences.

About Shopify Plus: The top-rated commerce platform for conversion, performance and agility

Shopify was recognised as a leading company in the enterprise market and received the highest rating for "Ability to Execute".

The promise of the Canadian company, which was founded in 2006 by Tobias Lütke (the current CEO) from Koblenz, is clear: to make commerce better for everyone. The business model aims to provide strong customer benefits through user-friendliness and simplicity.

Shopify makes omnichannel success possible for companies with more complex requirements - automating simple or complex processes according to your individual wishes and needs.

Shopify Plus: One solution for all your challenges

B2B, B2C, or D2C. Shopify covers all channels and markets in one dynamic platform. Take advantage of customizable designs, fast setup, seamless migration from existing platforms, and built-in analytics.

  • Quickly launch your online store on Shopify and benefit from a flexible, user-centric platform.

  • Quickly implement new marketing campaigns, sales channels, customizations and tests, and make continuous improvements.

  • Automate recurring and efficient processes across all your systems and stores.

  • Leverage a specialized ecosystem of apps and partners to build any business solution you need.

B2B E-Commerce

A wholesale business is also possible on Shopify. "B2B on Shopify offers several additional features that make your B2B e-commerce scalable and customizable.

B2B on Shopify is integrated into the admin panel. This allows you to connect B2B sales to the rest of your business.

You can store different company profiles with multiple locations. Products and prices are displayed to buyers in a personalized way. They also benefit from flexible payment options in the B2B checkout.

Custom integrations, open APIs, and automated order processing fit seamlessly into your existing system.

Cost security and low total costs of ownership

Shopify Plus has a clear cost structure. You can operate your e-commerce store for as little as 2,000 $ / month.

Compared to other store systems, the costs for hosting, scaling services (CDN), payment service providers, maintenance and updates are already included.

You do not need an SLA from an agency, as Shopify (SaaS) does not require any maintenance work. This means that all costs for operating your store are clear and predictable - even as it grows.

An app ecosystem for faster time-to-market

To meet every requirement, the existing system can be expanded with Shopify apps. Access over 4000 different apps to implement your business case in a customized way.

These extensions, which are developed by third-party providers and Shopify itself, make the customization and further development of your store much faster, easier and more cost-effective.

On the safe side: GDPR Compliance

In addition to being GDPR compliant, Shopify Plus offers numerous options for configuring and meeting additional company-specific compliance requirements.

From data processing agreements (DPAs), hosting & CDN location selection, access rights, automated data deletion, and cookie banner solutions to SSL encryption and data portability, Shopify Plus offers the full spectrum to meet data protection requirements.

FAQs about shopify plus

Frequently asked questions about your e-commerce project.

  • What distinguishes Shopify Plus from the standard version of Shopify?

    Shopify Plus is the enterprise version of Shopify, designed for larger businesses and brands that require a high level of customisation, scalability and advanced features. It offers unlimited transactions, extended API access, dedicated support resources and features for personalised shopping experiences. Unlike the standard version, Shopify Plus allows for more extensive customisation and integrations to support complex business processes and B2B requirements, including wholesale channels and international e-commerce strategies.

  • How can Shopify Plus support my B2B business?

    Shopify Plus supports B2B businesses with special features such as personalised order portals, advanced pricing options and the ability to create customised order processes. It enables the automation of ordering and fulfilment processes, supports wholesale sales directly through the platform and offers advanced integrations with ERP systems. These features improve efficiency, facilitate customer engagement and enable B2B companies to deliver a best-in-class, scalable e-commerce experience.

    Learn more about the B2B functionalities:

  • How is support provided by Shopify Plus and the agency?

    Shopify Plus offers extensive support, including 24/7 customer service and a dedicated Merchant Success Manager assigned specifically to your account to ensure your specific needs are met. Shopify's experts are based in German-speaking countries, which promotes communication and understanding of their business model.

    A qualified agency complements this support with personalised advice and technical assistance based on the unique requirements of your business. The key lies in the synergy between Shopify's resources and the expertise of the supporting agency.

  • What are the costs associated with using Shopify Plus?

    The cost of Shopify Plus typically starts at around $2,300 per month, but can vary based on additional features, contract duration, customisation and transaction volume. This pricing model reflects the extended functionality, increased performance and dedicated support that Shopify Plus offers.

    We would be happy to conduct a detailed cost analysis and determine the exact scope of services required.

    You can find more information about Shopify Plus pricing here:

  • How long does the implementation of Shopify Plus take?

    Shopify is unrivalled in terms of time-to-market. The implementation time for Shopify Plus varies depending on the complexity of the project, but is generally between two to six months. This timeframe takes into account initial planning, migration of existing data, customisation of the design, integration of third-party apps and systems, and extensive testing to ensure a smooth launch. The duration may be longer based on individual requirements, the complexity of the data migration and the number of systems to be integrated.

  • When does Shopify Hydrogen make sense for my project?

    Shopify Hydrogen is a React-based framework designed specifically for developing customised headless commerce experiences on Shopify. It is ideal for projects that:

    • Require highly personalised shopping experiences that go beyond Shopify's standard functionalities.

    • Require fast loading time and a smooth user experience across multiple devices, especially for large catalogues or complex interactions.

    • Want to use the flexibility of headless commerce to manage and optimise the frontend and backend separately.

  • When does Shopify Oxygen make sense for my project?

    Shopify Oxygen is a hosting service specifically designed for websites developed with Shopify Hydrogen. It offers a robust, scalable and secure hosting solution suitable for projects that:

    • Looking for a reliable and powerful infrastructure for their headless commerce experience.

    • Want to benefit from the global reach and fast delivery of Shopify's Edge network to minimise load times worldwide.

    • Want easy deployment and maintenance of their headless commerce solution without having to worry about the technical aspects of hosting.

  • What about data protection?

    Shopify Plus takes data protection very seriously and fulfils high security standards, including PCI-DSS compliance, to ensure secure handling of customer data and transactions. The platform offers various security features, such as SSL certificates and advanced fraud analysis tools, to protect both company and customer data. Shopify Plus also fulfils the current GDPR requirements regarding cloud hosting. Shopify Plus is designed to support compliance with global data protection laws and provides businesses with the tools they need to fulfil their data protection obligations.

  • Does Shopify Plus offer functions for personalised prices and catalogues?

    Yes, Shopify Plus offers advanced features to create personalised prices and catalogues for specific customers or customer groups. This functionality is particularly valuable for B2B businesses that often require differentiated pricing structures for different customers. With Shopify Plus, you can set up flexible pricing, exclusive offers and customised catalogues that are tailored to the individual requirements and contracts of your business customers. This personalisation helps to increase customer loyalty and ensure a more efficient checkout process by simplifying the ordering process for returning customers.

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