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Business Intelligence at a Glance

If you want to make data-driven decisions, you need to look at all relevant customer processes. Our challenge was to create a single source of truth for our client, Huber Holding.

But how do you ensure that you always have an up-to-date database with the data quality, reliability, and relevance needed to drive business decisions?




Data Sources


Executive Dashboard

Maximum Business Intelligence, Minimum Effort

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are important for measuring business performance and identifying areas for improvement. But with complex monthly adjustments, it's easy to lose track. Huber Digital struggled with these issues.

The solution: a digital reporting landscape powered by Power BI. Here, figures are automatically adjusted and displayed correctly. Today, the company can quickly and easily identify areas for improvement. This leaves more time for the strategic development of the company.

Talend Brings Data Together

The effort required to collect data for a KPI performance report is enormous. The data relevant to the KPI performance dashboard is scattered across multiple platforms in a variety of forms. A key KPI such as ROAS (Return on Ad Spent) requires not only the spend on the advertising platforms, but also the attributable revenue from the e-commerce platform.

The first challenge was to bring this data together and link it in a common place. To do this, we used Talend to build an extract-load-transform (ELT) platform that loads the data into an Azure-hosted data warehouse on a daily basis. Thanks to Talend, we were able to design the setup so that the new infrastructure could be easily transferred to Huber's internal system platform.

Power BI Enables Business Intelligence

The focus of the next phase was to unify the data from the data warehouse into a single data model. The goal was to provide a clear view of customer interactions across channels. Relevant data came from advertising channels such as Facebook and Google Ads, as well as ERP and CRM systems.

The predefined data model was built using Power BI. In addition to a custom user experience, the reports could be displayed in Huber's corporate design.

The Result

Automated Power BI reports enable all Huber Holding brands to focus on strategic decisions. All relevant KPIs are mapped for each phase of the funnel (awareness, consideration, purchase, retention). Data is automatically collected, processed and monitored. In addition, weaknesses can be identified more quickly because the reports are updated daily and are cross-platform.

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