Digital applications

Digital applications for increased customer satisfaction

We develop custom software solutions for your digital business

In a dynamic digital age, web applications are essential for companies looking to stay at the forefront. We design and develop digital applications that prioritize your business goals and excel technologically.


Expertise in top technologies

Utilization of cutting-edge and robust frameworks such as Laravel, Spryker, Algolia, React, and Nuxt.


Targeted solutions

Specialization in B2B applications, from banks to custom configurators. We understand the use cases and edge cases.


Experience in the B2B market

We understand industries from the IT landscape to the business case.

Customized software architectures

We create applications tailored to your company's structure and goals.

  • Analysis and consultation on requirement definition and software architecture (MACH architectures)

  • Interface development and integration into existing IT infrastructures

  • Consultation and implementation of hosting, DevOps, and CI/CD processes

Cutting-edge Best of Breed technologies, implemented with future-proofing in mind

In the development of digital applications, we rely on market-leading Best-of-Breed technology to ensure both robustness and innovation.

  • Implementation using leading PHP systems like Laravel and Spryker, and JavaScript frameworks like Next.js and Nuxt.js

  • Development of user-centric concepts for intuitive use

  • Scalable solutions for growing businesses

  • Iterative technical product development (from MVP to Version 1.0), ongoing development, and updates


To prevent a digital product from entering the market after a long development process that overlooks user needs, an iterative and agile approach with short feedback loops involving end-users is central.

  • Conducting user research and interviews

  • UX design: Development of prototypes and wireframes

  • UI design: Creating an intuitive design that supports business goals

We accompany you on the journey to the digital future.

Our services in the field of digital applications


Custom Software Development

Custom web applications tailored to your specific needs.


Technology Consultation

Always focusing on robust and innovative MACH architectures and frameworks.


Integration Expertise

Interface development and seamless integration into your existing IT landscape.


Performance Optimization

For lightning-fast loading times and maximum user satisfaction.


UI/UX Design Optimization

For a user-centered and intuitive user experience.


Support & Maintenance

Always by your side, from development to ongoing operation.

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