Lead Management & Marketing Automation

More customers & better customer relationships

Generate high-quality leads and manage them through your lead process right up to the order. Supported by data and technology in line with the needs of your customers and employees.

In the complex world of B2B relationships, top decision-makers in marketing and sales need a clear and efficient strategy for evaluating sales activities. We help you to increase the quality and quantity of your leads, implement lead management processes and build sustainable customer relationships.


Customised approach

Customised consulting approach that adapts to the complexity of your company.


Focus on results

Working in partnership to maximise the value and ROI of your investment!


Experience & Know How

Consultancy and technical implementation by a team of 100+ experts.


The right strategy for lead qualification

Develop a clear strategy for identifying, segmenting and prioritising your leads. This guarantees targeted and effective campaigns for better conversions

  • Analysis of leads, conversions and forms

  • GAP analysis: definition of ICPs (Ideal Customer Profile) and existing leads

  • Definition of marketing qualified leads (MQL) and sales qualified leads (SQL)

  • Definition of scoring and grading frameworks for qualifying leads

  • Definition of user journeys and touchpoints

  • Strategy for lead management and the operating model in marketing & sales

More efficiency through automation

Use the latest marketing technologies to automate your process, track leads and accelerate the sales cycle. We build on existing systems or implement new compatible systems based on your IT landscape:

  • Evaluation of MarTech systems

  • Implementation of new systems and expansion of existing systems

  • Implementation of the lead management process

  • Implementation of scoring and grading

  • Implementation of user journeys for the automated extension of communication

  • GDPR-compliant tracking and creation of reports

Gain the attention of your target customers

Create high-quality and relevant content that converts leads into customers and fosters lasting relationships.

  • Content strategy: definition and creation of messages along the user journey

  • Content and advertising material creation

  • Development of sales assets such as: Whitepapers, infographics or educational video content

Transform your operating model

Further develop your operating model in marketing and sales to successfully utilise digital sales channels.

  • Qualification process: Transform your lead qualification process in the marketing and sales interface

  • Incentive systems: Consider commission and incentive systems to drive the right channels

  • Roles & Skills: Work out the skills of the future in marketing and sales and what influence digital sales channels have on the requirements.

  • Change: Take your organisation with you and create an appetite for the future in order to master the transformation.

Master the marketing automation implementation

Following a successful transformation strategy, the marketing automation solution is implemented. As a Hubspot and Salesforce partner, we support you in the successful implementation.

  • Solution design and target architecture

  • Development of an integration concept

  • Conception of the data model

  • Implementation of initial journeys and automations

  • Advice on questions relating to GDPR, opt-in strategies and co.

We accompany you on the way to successful lead management


B2B lead management strategy

Customised strategies to reach, attract and retain qualified B2B leads.


Automation of processes

Tools and techniques to optimise your marketing operations and improve customer interaction.


Target group segmentation

Precise segmentation of your leads to enable targeted and personalised marketing measures.


Data-driven analysis

Gain in-depth insights and analyses to constantly optimise your strategies.


Operating Model Consulting

Consultancy on the transformation of processes and structures in marketing and sales towards digital excellence.


Technical integration

Seamless integration into your existing system for coherent and effective lead management.

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