Zoltán Polyák


🔥 dauntless — passionate —tendentious

Every day is a new opportunity to forge yourself, this opportunity should not be missed. That’s why he chose this profession. To give you all the creativity into which you can incorporate newly learned things into your existing work.

He is the kind of person who wants to be more of his previous self. Since childhood, his curiosity about IT has been relentless. He currently lives in Szeged, Hungary, also known as the City of Sunlight. He has been involved in several major projects and is currently pursuing this profession for 4 years.

Currently, PHP is the main programming language, as well as knowledge of many frameworks. He pays attention to detail and tries to give the best work out of his hands to the best of his knowledge. He excels mostly in pub games, so if you want to drink a beer or two or play soccer or billiards or beer pong, he will almost always say yes.


seconds per mug of beer


times freshman camp champion


hackathons won out of five

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